Angles Unseen-Ron DiCianni-Signed & Numbered

Angles Unseen-Ron DiCianni-Signed & Numbered

Item# 17301
Artist: Ron DiCianni
Signed & Numbered
Total number printed 2500
Frame size 23" X 30"
Only ONE Left In Stock!!!!

Product Description

Artist: Ron DiCianni. Wording at bottom: "Angels Unseen" Scripture "The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear God, and he saves them." Psalm 34:7 Print size 18" X 24" Frame size 23" X 30". From the Master Peace Collection By Dayspring Cards. 1996

Inspected, numbered, and personally signed by the artist unless specificly noted. To the best of our knowledge all are sold out and are now on the 'After Market' and are priced accordingly. Each include certificate of authenticity unless specificly noted. The Prints are 100% acid-free cotton fiber paper unless noted. To beautify your home and let the world know that you are a follower of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, you have come to the right place. The Christian Discount Shop carries top Christian Artist such as Michael Dudash, Morgan Weistling,and Ron DiCianni. A variety of art pieces such as He shall Here my Voice, If Two Shall agree, The Invitation, Angles Unseen, Spiritral Warefare, King Of Kings and A Father's Heritage will warm your heart. Whatever you are trying to find, the Christian Discount Shop is your place for everday Christian Gifts. Whether you are looking for pictures, music, books, or clothing, the Christian Discount Shop is the right place to be! An art piece or a picture for discount or sale price would be a blessing to all.From the Master Peace Collection By Dayspring Cards.

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