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Four Elements of Success-Laurie Beth Jones

Four Elements of Success-Laurie Beth Jones

Format: Hardcover
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Page Count: 240
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The Four Elements of Success

Unlock the Power of Personality Profiling for Team Transformation

In this groundbreaking book, renowned management expert and business consultant Laurie Beth Jones presents an innovative personality profile that will revolutionize the way you understand and relate to your team. Introducing The Path Elements Profile (PEP), a simple, visual, and intuitive tool that holds the key to harmonizing individuals and unleashing their collective potential for success.

Discover the Elements of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire

The Path Elements Profile delves into the elemental aspects of human behavior, represented by Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Uncover how these elements influence individual tendencies, shaping everything from career choices to daily tasks. Each element type values distinct traits:

  • Fire: Thrives on challenge and embraces boldness
  • Water: Seeks harmony and finds strength in calmness
  • Wind: Embraces chaos and welcomes change as opportunities
  • Earth: Values order and structure, finding comfort in stability

Transforming Your Team

In Part I, explore each element's strengths and challenges, identifying your own tendencies as well as those of your team members. Then, in Part II, embark on a journey of team assessment through 28 one-day principles that will radically transform your workplace. Whether in recruitment, placement, retention, team building, or customer relations, The Four Elements of Success equips you to harness the power of diversity and collaboration.

Embrace the Blend of Scriptural Wisdom and Modern Business Insights

Laurie Beth Jones seamlessly weaves scriptural examples and modern-day business stories, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with both spiritual seekers and business leaders alike.

Discover the transformative potential of The Four Elements of Success and unlock your team's harmonizing, humming force for good. Includes an assessment test to reveal your team's elemental strengths and weaknesses.

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