Holding Heaven--Jerry Jenkins,  Ron DiCianni

Holding Heaven--Jerry Jenkins, Ron DiCianni

Item# 9781591452188
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: Hardcover
Trim Size: 5.25 x 8.25
Page Count: 72
$4.99, 2/$8.00

Product Description

Holding Heaven A Novella Hardcover By Jerry Jenkins, Ron DiCianni Storyteller Jerry B. Jenkins and biblical artist Ron DiCianni transport you to the hardscrabble Middle East of the first century where you eavesdrop on interaction between a father and a son so profound that it will forever change how you view the Incarnation.

ISBN: 159145218X, ISBN-13: 9781591452188

Holding Heaven by Jerry Jenkins & Ron DiCianni- a christian book at discount, wholesale, sale, and even cheap.

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