TNIV Ladies Pocket Bible- Italian Duo-Tone, Pink

TNIV Ladies Pocket Bible- Italian Duo-Tone, Pink

Item# 0310934079
Today New International Version
Format: Italian Duo-Tone, Warm Pink.
Regular Price 24.99
Size: 3-3/4 x 5-5/8
Pages: 1184
$4.99, 2/$9.00, 5/$19.00

Product Description

Synopsis: The entire Bible…small enough to fit in your pocket.

Description: Now you can read the full text of the TNIV, a fresh translation in today’s language, in the most portable edition available. It’s small enough to fit easily in your pants pocket, purse, or anywhere else you want to carry it. Endorsed by scholars and pastors across the country, the TNIV is the new translation for today’s generation. It combines uncompromising reliability, the clarity of today’s language, and the heritage of the most trusted translation, the NIV. Because this portable edition was made from the same setting as the other TNIV text editions, everyone using a Zondervan TNIV text Bible is guaranteed to be on the same page, enhancing church community. Featuring a crisp interior design plus an innovative new binding, this is one Bible you’ll want to take with you everywhere. Features: • The full text of the TNIV •Convenient, portable size to take with you anywhere •Made from the same setting as other TNIV text Bibles — so everyone can be on the same page

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