Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary

Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary

Item# 031023560X
Written by: J. D. Douglas, Merrill C. Tenney
Format: Hardcover, Printed,
Size: 6-3/8 x 9-1/4, Pages: 944
Pub. Zondervan
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Product Description

Synopsis: This is the best-selling one-volume Bible dictionary. More than 5,000 entries include discussions of historical, geographical, chronological, and biographical aspects of the Bible, as well as articles on theological subjects; more than 700 pictures in black & white are included as well.

Description: When you want to find out what lies behind a word, name, or concept in the Bible, turn to Zondervan’s Pictorial Bible Dictionary. It’s designed to deepen your knowledge of the Bible through both words and pictures.

Look up “Archaeology” and get extensive insights on how archaeological findings corroborate biblical accounts from Genesis to New Testament times. Turn to “Judges” and learn about Israel’s leaders prior to its kings. Zondervan’s Pictorial Bible Dictionary helps you to understand the people, places, customs, culture, and events of the Bible in a way that can help you better grasp its message and its implications for you today.

More than 5,000 entries inform you on historical, geographical, chronological, and biographical aspects of the Bible. You’ll also find scholarly articles on important theological subjects written by a team of 65 scholars and experts.

Over 700 pictures lend visual impact and clarification on numerous topics, from the “Hill of Aaron” to “Zorah,” the home of Samson.

Spellings correspond to the King James Version, the classic Bible used throughout the years by millions of Christians. Alternative spellings found in the American Standard Version and in the Revised Standard Version are also given, broadening the helpfulness of this volume.

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