Bloodstone Chronicles - Bill Myers - Audio CD
Bloodstone Chronicles-Bill Myers-Audio CD

Bloodstone Chronicles-Bill Myers-Audio CD

A Journey of Faith Written by: Bill Myers
Format: Audio CD, Unabridged
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The Bloodstone Chronicles,

Synopsis: An action-packed allegory that captures spiritual growth from nonbeliever to mature Christian. Carved from the Blood Mountains, a perpetual reminder of Godís great purchase of mankind, the Bloodstone opens a gateway into another dimension. As they visit fantastic worlds, three children discover the depths of Godís love, the principles of his kingdom, and the reality of spiritual conflict in their journey toward Christian maturity. Dramatized with multiple voices; narrated by Bill Myers. 12 hours.

Description: Moonlight strikes the mysterious Bloodstone, symbol of Godís great love for mankind, and three children are whisked through a portal into strange and wonderful worlds. Adventure awaits Denise, Nathan, and Joshua in the Sea of Mirrors, where the children are nearly crushed by the weight of their sins . . . The Menagerie, whose prisoners are doomed to live in pure selfishness . . . Biiq, where the doubting Denise experiences the unfathomable, self-giving love of Jesus Christ . . . And other astonishing places and experiences in the domain of the Imager. With the help of Aristophenix, the worldís worst poet; Listro Q, a tall, purple dude with dyslectic speech; Samson, part dragonfly and part ladybug; and the Weaver, who weaves Godís plans into each of our life tapestries, the children learn the powers and secrets of living as citizens of the kingdom of heaven. But potent adversaries are pitted against them. The crafty Illusionist and the icy blue Bobok are out to deceive and destroy at every turn. With echoes of A Pilgrimís Progress, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Hinds Feet in High Places, this engaging allegory for the Christian life follows its characters from unbelief, to conversion, to spiritual growth and maturity. The Bloodstone Chronicles is more than entrancing-it is a sparkling-fresh depiction of our journey toward the heart and character of God.

ISBN-13: 9780310253471 ISBN-10: 0310253470

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