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Children's Christian Books

Shop our collection of children's Christian books at low and discounted prices.

Looking for the latest in Children's Christian Books, Bibles and gifts at discount and sale prices? Well, we have what you're looking for. We have a wide range of Christian Gifts for youth and children, such as Bibles, videos, books, clothing, and much more. Some children's books we carry include The Beginners Bible, the Guess What? Story Bible, and the NIrV Read with Me Bible. We also have Adventures in Odyssey Activity packs! We also carry Wild and Wacky Bible Stories, by Frank Peretti, on either CD or cassette, as well as the Visual Bible for Kids video. Whatever you are trying to find, the Christian Discount Shop is your place for everyday children's Christian gifts at sale and wholesale prices. A children's Christian book, video, or audio gift at discount and in many cases below wholesale prices would be a pleasure to all.

Featured Children's Christian Books
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