5 Gifts Perfect For A Confirmation

Many Christian denominations baptize children near birth and later on in life confirm their faith in a joyous celebration. Confirmation is an important part of every young persons life where they fully join the congregation. Theyre spiritual journey is just beginning and these gifts are a wonderful way to congratulate them on this major spiritual achievement. Confirmation Frame Confirmation is something theyll want to remember forever and this beautiful confirmation frame is elegant testament to that day. Its a 5 x7 Confirmation Frame with easel featuring inspirational words. Its a memento theyll cherish forever and take with them throughout theyre lives. Its a great gift that wont break the bank. The Nail Many times groups of people will go through confirmation and people like giving gifts to the entire class. These gifts are small, but mighty examples of the power and generosity of the church community. The Nail is reminder of the sacrifice Jesus gave for all of us. There are 10 Nails and cards in each pack. The cards feature scripture from Galatians 2:20. These are a wonderful gift for confirmation classes that they can keep with them in their pocket for inspiration and strength when needed. Thomas Nelsons Single Column Gift Edition Bible What better way to celebrate their admission fully into the church than with the holy word of God. The Thomas Nelson Single Column Gift Edition Bible is a sophisticated and elegant book that can be personalized with the receivers name on the inside cover. The book comes in an easy to read 9-pont font and the single column format makes it flow naturally. Its the perfect Bible for anyone that loves reading his Word. We have a wide selection of colors and bindings to customize it for the recipient. Small Wooden Crosses The Cross is a symbol, much like the nail, that shows the sacrifice Jesus made for every one of us. These special wood pendants are a forever reminder of this sacrifice and make a wonderful confirmation gift. We have many different types available to fit any person and style. They make wonderful individual gifts, but are inexpensive enough for an entire confirmation class. Inspirational Reputation Picture Confirmation is more than just a ceremony to fully enter the church. Its a transition into becoming an adult and more spiritual person. What better way to show this transition than with our Inspirational Reputation Picture. The small picture can be hung on the wall or sit on a desk and featured the words reputation is made in a moment: character is built in a lifetime. For more great ideas for confirmation gifts, check out our special page.

Five Christian Gifts Perfect For Valentine’s Day

Whether youre looking for the perfect Christian gift for the love of your life or great Valentines Day cards for your children to give away, you'll find the perfect item at Christian Discount Store. Valentines Day isnt just for those in love. Its the perfect time to appreciate those people around you that make your life joyous and happy. Valentines Day Cards for Children Dont get those Marvel or other types of Valentines Day cards when you can get your child fun and inspirational cards to hand out to their friends. Bring the characters from the Chronicles of Narnia to life with these cards featuring Peter the Magnificent, Lucy the Valiant, Susan the Gentle and Edmund the Just. We also have Go West inspired cards, and many others. Theyll love taking these fun and inspiration Christian gifts to their school or party. Christian Books Whether youre looking for Christian fiction, Christian living or reference books, give the gift of knowledge this Valentines Day with an assortment of Christian books. Your significant other will love getting these books as their gift. We have all types available no matter what their taste or age. Many times these books are priced below wholesale, youre getting great books at amazing prices. Our wholesale Christian gifts are affordable and high quality. Christian Jewelry When youre looking for the perfect Valentines Day gift, you cant go wrong with jewelry. Its a tried and true gift and you can make it extra special by choosing Christian jewelry. We have everything from inexpensive cross necklaces that might be great for children to earrings, bracelets and brooches. Wrap these goodies up and it will be a valentines day to remember. Bibles Is there anything more peaceful than sitting down and enjoying a few hours reading The Good Book. Get your closest friends and partner a new Bible for Valentines Day and watch their eyes light up. You can both sit and read your favorite passages and discuss the meaning behind each one. Your relationship will become deeper and youll enjoy countless hours of entertainment and reflection. Christian Clothes If you know someone that loves to show the world theyre a follower of Christ, then get them a T-Shirt, Cap or Tie proclaiming their faith. We have a wonderful selection of adult and childrens Christian clothing. Valentines Day is just around the corner, so check out our site and see all that we have to offer.

Christian Jewelry Makes A Wonderful Christmas Gift

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for someone special or need an inexpensive, yet tasteful, gift for your congregation, Bible study or Sunday school class? We have a large selection of Christian jewelry and crosses that will brighten their holiday. We have something for every budget. Metal Cross Necklaces There is no greater Christian symbol that the cross. It represents the pain suffered by Our Lord and Savior for our sins. You can give your significant other or relative one of our many cross necklaces. We have gold plated and ornate crosses or you could go with one on our simpler styles such as venetian glass cross. Theyll all be treasured by the person youre giving it and theyll feel the power and glory of God resting comfortably on their chest. Wooden Cross Necklaces Wooden crosses are a classic gift and look great. Wooden crosses have much more design flexibility or can be a simple design that provides a classic look. Wooden crosses tend to be less expensive than their metal counterparts. If youre looking for a Christmas gift that comes in many different styles, but wont break the bank, then wooden cross necklaces are the perfect choice. We have them in every size from small to large. Christian Earrings and Bracelets If youre looking for a gift thats a little subtler than a necklace, you can try our wide array of Christian earrings and bracelets. We have gold plated fish, crosses, wide crosses and more. Youre guaranteed to find something that works for anyones personal taste. Our earrings and bracelets are affordably priced, so you can buy one or many with confidence that it wont break the bank. Brooches, Pins and Pocket Crosses If there is a type of Christian jewelry, we have it. Along with our many designs of earrings and necklaces with have pocket crosses, brooches and pins. When you need a little extra confidence, or need to feel the glory of God, just put your hand around your pocket cross and pray. Christian jewelry makes the perfect Christmas gifts and helps us all remember the reason for the season.

Top Wholesale Christian Gifts For Christmas

The weather is turning cold and thoughts turn to the upcoming Christmas season. It wont be much longer before store shelves fill up with ornaments and holiday decorations. If youre looking for a perfect spiritual gift that will make your friends and relatives hearts sing, then check out our list of top wholesale Christian gifts for Christmasyou can even check it twice. Christian Shirts What better way to show your spirit than with fun and attractive Christian T-shirts. You can proclaim the glory of God every day and help spread the word. They make great gifts for adults and children alike. Youll find every type of shirt from funny to patriotic and everything in between. You can branch out into other clothing as well such as Christian sweatshirts, hats and ties. Cross in My Pocket Everyone needs inspiration and encouragement every now and then. You may not be able to carry a Bible with you everywhere you go, but pocket crosses give you something to hold on to during your darkest hours. Cross in my Pocket is a small cross and words of encouragement that fit in your pocket or purse. When you need a little confidence or support, just hold onto it and know that God has your back. Its low price makes it the perfect Christmas gift for parishioners, Youth Groups, Sunday school classes or a niece or nephew. Wood Cross Pendants and Necklaces Christian jewelry is a hot commodity at Christmas time. Wood cross pendants and necklaces are the perfect and fashionable ways to show your faith to the world. Friends and family will look great with a beautiful cross around their neck. There are many different types to choose from as well as earrings, bracelets, brooches, pins and more. If youre looking to cross off a few people on the Christmas list, then cross pendants and necklaces make great stocking stuffers. Bible Pocket Cards Names are very special and should be celebrated. The Bible Pocket Cards are a wonderful and inexpensive gift that showcases an individual person. The cards feature a persons name, what it means and a Bible verse that connects to the root meaning of the name. We carry 900 of the most popular names in stock and 25,000 are available by special order. Its a good idea to order the pocket cards about three weeks ahead of time as any special orders such as names that are out of stock or unusual names have time to ship from the manufacturer. Bible Bookmarks Theres nothing like reading the Bible in its physical form. The heaviness of the book on your lap and the feeling of the pages between your fingers as you turn. You cant beat that feeling. Keep your place in the Holy Book with Christian bookmarks. When you need a Christian gift that fits all types of people, the bookmark is ideal. We carry a wide variety from first name bookmarks to birthday flower bookmarks and so many more. No matter if youre getting the gift for a friend or relative, youll find the perfect one. Christian Discount Shop has many items that make great Christian Christmas gifts. Explore our site to find the ideal gift for your family and friends.
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