Calm, Cool, and Adjusted-Kristin  Billerbeck

Calm, Cool, and Adjusted-Kristin Billerbeck

Item# 9781591453307
a Spa Girls Novel
Format: Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5 3/8 x 8 1/2
Page Count: 320
$4.99, 2/$9.00

Product Description

Calm, Cool, and Adjusted, By Kristin Billerbeck

Best friends since Johnny Depp wore scissors for hands, "The Spa Girls" live very separate lives, but stay in touch with routine visits to California's Spa Del Mar. The third novel in the Spa Girls Series™ focuses on Silicon Valley chiropractor Poppy Clayton, who is as calm, cool and adjusted as they come…Or is she? Known for her bad fashion sense, a love for all things natural, and the inability to get a second date, Poppy is beginning to wonder if she might be misaligned herself. Her route to self discovery will be an unnatural one-a plastic surgeon, a house in Santa Cruz and a wedding date from the dark side. It's all enough to send a girl-and her gal pals-running for the spa.

Product Detail

ISBN: 1591453305, ISBN-13: 9781591453307, Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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