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J.C. Caleb Bracelet

J.C. Caleb Bracelet

30" Necklace
J.C. 1 and 1/2" by 1/2"
Cross Pendant SOLD OUT
Qty.Price Ea.Sale Price Ea.
5 +$12.00$4.80

Product Description

J.C. Caleb Necklace

Introducing the J.C. Caleb Necklace, a stunning piece of jewelry that embodies faith and style. This beautiful necklace features a pendant with the initials "J.C." and comes with a 30" necklace, making it a versatile and elegant accessory for any occasion.

Product Details:

  • Necklace Length: The J.C. Caleb Necklace comes with a 30" necklace, allowing for comfortable and adjustable wear.
  • Pendant Size: The pendant showcases the initials "J.C." and measures 1 and 1/2" in length and 1/2" in width.
  • Cross Pendant: Please note that the Cross Pendant option is currently SOLD OUT, but the J.C. Caleb Necklace is still available for purchase.

Symbol of Faith:

The J.C. Caleb Necklace serves as a meaningful symbol of faith, allowing you to carry the initials "J.C." close to your heart. It serves as a personal reminder of Jesus Christ and the significance of His name in your life.

Versatile and Elegant:

This necklace's versatile 30" length allows you to wear it in various styles, making it a perfect complement to any outfit. Whether you're attending a special event, gathering with friends, or simply expressing your faith, the J.C. Caleb Necklace adds a touch of elegance to your look.

A Thoughtful Gift:

Looking for a meaningful gift for a loved one? The J.C. Caleb Necklace makes a thoughtful and cherished present. Share the message of faith and love with someone special by gifting them this elegant necklace.

Quality and Assurance:

The Christian Discount Shop ensures the quality and craftsmanship of the J.C. Caleb Necklace. Each piece is meticulously designed to last, allowing you to wear it with confidence and pride.

Embrace your faith with the J.C. Caleb Necklace and find it, along with other beautiful jewelry, books, and clothing, at the Christian Discount Shop. Explore great discounts, sale prices, and wholesale deals to discover the perfect items for your spiritual journey.

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