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Chinese Puzzle Box

Chinese Puzzle Box

Written by: Chris Auer
Format: Softcover
Size: 5 x 7-1/8
Pages: 128
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Product Description

The Chinese Puzzle Box

Synopsis: Book three in a four-book series for boys filled with adventure, mystery, and intrigue as three friends, Dan, Peter, and Shelby, seek to discover the hidden mystery of Eckert House.

Description: Still haunted by recent events, twelve-year-old Dan Pruitt no longer trusts his instincts. Then he and his friends discover a riddle hidden in an ancient Chinese puzzle box, and Dan realizes his instincts were right all along. Someone is trying to get them out of Eckert House, but why? Whoever it is will stop at nothing to get rid of them one way or another. ISBN-13: 9780310708728 ISBN-10: 0310708729

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