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Cross Fish Pendant

Cross Fish Pendant

Gold Plated
22" Gold Chain With Blue Stones
Size: 2" X 1/4"
Lifetime Guarantee
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Product Description

Cross Fish Pendant

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Cross Fish Pendant
  • Material: Gold Plated
  • Chain Length: 22" Gold Chain with Blue Stones
  • Size: 2" X 1/4"
  • Guarantee: Lifetime Guarantee

Product Description:

The Cross Fish Pendant is a wonderful and beautiful piece of jewelry that exudes elegance and significance. This pendant features the classic combination of a cross and fish design, symbolizing the Christian faith and its ties to the ancient fish symbol.

Crafted with attention to detail, this pendant is gold plated, adding a touch of sophistication to its appearance. The pendant comes with a 22" gold chain adorned with stunning blue stones, enhancing its overall beauty and allure.

With a size of 2" X 1/4", this cross fish pendant is the perfect size for any occasion. Whether worn as a daily accessory or for special events, it serves as a meaningful representation of faith and spirituality.

Lifetime Guarantee:

This Cross Fish Pendant comes with a lifetime guarantee, showcasing the quality and durability of the piece. You can wear it with pride, knowing that it will remain a cherished and enduring symbol of your faith.

Discounted Christian Jewelry:

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Embrace the meaningful symbolism of faith with the Cross Fish Pendant from the Christian Discount Shop.

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