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C.S. Lewis-Magic Never Ends

C.S. Lewis-Magic Never Ends

An Illustrated Profile
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C.S. Lewis: Magic Never Ends

An Illustrated Profile - The Life and Works of C. S. Lewis


Step into the captivating world of C.S. Lewis, the brilliant and influential literary figure of his time, through this one-of-a-kind "oral history" written by John Ryan Duncan. In "Magic Never Ends," the life and remarkable journey of C.S. Lewis unfold as those who knew him intimately share their insights and experiences. From his humble beginnings as a provincial Oxford don to becoming one of the most powerful and cherished authors of his era, C.S. Lewis's life story is a compelling tale of faith, imagination, and literary genius.

John Ryan Duncan delves deep into the life and works of C.S. Lewis, exploring how his writings touched the hearts and minds of countless readers worldwide. Through carefully selected illustrations and engaging narratives, this book pays tribute to the enduring legacy of C.S. Lewis and his significant impact on literature and Christianity.

Key Features:

  • Oral history approach with insights from those who knew C.S. Lewis
  • Exploration of Lewis's journey from a provincial Oxford don to a celebrated literary figure
  • Focus on Lewis's profound influence through his writings
  • Illustrated to enhance the reading experience

Book Details:

  • Title: C.S. Lewis: Magic Never Ends
  • Author: John Ryan Duncan
  • Size: 7&1/4 x 9&1/4 inches
  • Publisher: Word

Discover the captivating life and literary brilliance of C.S. Lewis in this beautifully illustrated profile. Embark on a journey through the profound influence of his writings, and be inspired by the magic that never ends.

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