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Three Book Special

Three Book Special

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Three Book Special

Explore fascinating topics and gain valuable insights with this special collection of three thought-provoking books:

Truth About Armageddon and the Middle East

By Thomas Ice & Timothy Demy

Discover the truth behind the enigmatic concepts of Armageddon and the Middle East in this concise yet comprehensive book. With 26 short chapters packed into 40 pages, you'll unravel the complexities surrounding these significant topics. Gain clarity and understanding as the authors delve into biblical perspectives and historical context, shedding light on the prophetic events that shape our world today.

Truth About Heaven and Eternity

By Thomas Ice & Timothy Demy

Embark on a captivating journey into the realms of heaven and eternity. In 37 insightful chapters spanning 41 pages, this book delves into the profound mysteries of the afterlife. Delight in the assurance of God's promises and explore the grandeur of eternity as revealed in the Scriptures. Let this book expand your perspective and fill your heart with hope for the glorious future that awaits all believers.

The Reliability of the Bible

By Thomas Ice & Timothy Demy

In this compelling book, explore the trustworthiness of the Bible through 8 enlightening chapters across 40 pages. Gain confidence in the authenticity and accuracy of the Scriptures as the authors delve into historical evidence, textual reliability, and archaeological findings. Discover why the Bible stands as a steadfast foundation for faith and a reliable guide for life.

Expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding with these three enlightening books. Whether you're interested in eschatology, the afterlife, or the reliability of the Scriptures, these concise and well-researched works will provide valuable insights to enrich your faith journey.

Choose from the following options:

  • Truth About Armageddon & Middle East
  • Truth About Heaven and Eternity
  • Reliability of the Bible
  • All 3 books (+$1.50)

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