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Gift Book Special Sale

Gift Book Special Sale

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Extreme for Jesus promise book, $5.99, 0849996211.

Gods Promises for Couples, $3.99, 0849996619.

Please, Dear Lord, Make the Laundry Go Away, By Jodi Benson, $4.99, 1404185534.

A Gift of Love, by Charles Stanley, $13.99, 0785276556.

God's Calling, Seardhing for your purpose in life, By Chris Coppernoll, $14.99, 1404100865.

In, But Not Of, Guide to Christian Ambition and the Desire to influence the world, by Hugh Hewitt, $17.99, 0785263950.

Transit Student Prayer Journal, $14.99, 0849918065.

Mother's Love Is Precious, Ill. by Tina Wenke, $9.99, 1404100962.

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