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How to Really Parent Your Child

How to Really Parent Your Child

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By Ross Campbell, M.D.
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Anticipating What a Child Needs Instead of Reacting to What a Child Does

With over thirty years of clinical psychiatric experience with children and their parents, Dr. Campbell knows how profoundly a parent can influence a child. By anticipating the needs of a child rather than reacting to his or her behaviors, parents develop a relational rather than adversarial family structure. Mothers and fathers will find tools aimed to help them build a healthy relationship with their child that meets all four basic emotional needs: to be nurtured in unconditional love, to be lovingly disciplined, to be trained in anger management, and to be protected from harmful influences. It is after these basic needs are met that a child will be able to understand and respond to spiritual matters.

Combining practical advice with anecdotal examples, Campbell offers a purposeful, life-long approach to building happy, healthy, spiritual children.

Thomas Nelson Publishers

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