KJV Giant Print Bible
KJV Giant Print Bible - Leathersoft-Blue & Cream

KJV Giant Print Bible - Leathersoft-Blue & Cream

End Of Verse References
Family Record Section
Translation Notes
Color: Blue & Cream
Words of Jesus in Red
Full-Color Maps
Language English
ISBN-10 0529063115
ISBN-13 978-0529063113
Item Weight 2.45 pounds
Dimensions 6 3/4 x 9 3/4 X 1 & 1/4 Inches Thick
Qty.Price Ea.Sale Price Ea.
1 +$54.99$39.00

Product Description

Experience the Majesty of God's Word

KJV Giant Print Bible - Leathersoft

Step into the world of timeless beauty and unparalleled clarity with the King James Version (KJV) Giant Print Bible, wrapped in luxurious Leathersoft. This exquisite Bible boasts an impressive large print that will make your reading experience a true delight. The soft leather cover adds a velvety touch, inviting your hands to explore the profound truths within its pages.

Features for Easy Reading and Revelation

  • End Of Verse References: Journey effortlessly through the Scriptures with easy access to related passages for deeper study.
  • Family Record Section: Cherish and preserve your spiritual milestones, creating a legacy of faith for generations to come.
  • Translation Notes: Uncover the hidden nuances and profound meanings within the sacred text.
  • Words of Jesus in Red: Immerse yourself in the teachings of the Savior, highlighted for emphasis and inspiration.
  • Concordance: Unlock a treasure trove of knowledge as you find specific words and themes throughout the Bible.
  • Full-Color Maps: Embark on a visual journey, exploring the landscapes of biblical events and history.

An Elegant Companion for Your Spiritual Journey

With its refined Leathersoft cover and large print, this KJV Bible is not only a spiritual treasure but also a symbol of your devotion and reverence for God's Word. As you hold this Bible in your hands, you'll feel a profound connection to the divine truths it contains.

A Perfect Fit for Your Daily Walk

The thoughtful layout of this Giant Print Bible enhances your reading experience, making it a perfect fit for your daily devotionals, study sessions, and quiet moments of reflection. Its clear print and user-friendly design allow you to immerse yourself in the scriptures without any strain, keeping you engaged and focused on God's profound revelations.

Embrace the Majesty of God's Word

Whether you're seeking a personal spiritual companion or a thoughtful wholesale Christian gift, the KJV Giant Print Bible in Leathersoft is an extraordinary choice. Let the richness of its content and the elegance of its presentation inspire your heart and soul on this remarkable journey of faith.

Choose from a variety of attractive colors:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Brown

Get your KJV Giant Print Bible - Leathersoft today at discount prices! Allow the majesty of God's Word to shape your life and illuminate your path.

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