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Oak Vogue Cross-37B

Oak Vogue Cross-37B

Oak Vogue Cross
Cross 37B measures approximately 1 1/4 inches high and 1 1/8 inches wide.

Each small wooden cross comes with 28" black cord.
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50 +$8.99$3.40

Product Description

Oak Vogue Cross-37B

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Oak Vogue Cross-37B
  • Material: Oak Wood
  • Size: Approximately 1 1/4" high X 1 1/8" wide
  • Necklace: 28" Black Cord (Included)

Product Description:

Introducing our exquisite Oak Vogue Cross-37B, a classic and elegant wood pendant that embodies timeless beauty and spirituality.

Classic Design:

The Oak Vogue Cross showcases a classic and graceful design, making it an ideal accessory to express your faith in a stylish manner. Its craftsmanship reflects the timeless essence of devotion and spirituality.

A Thoughtful Gift:

Share the gift of faith and spirituality with your loved ones by presenting them with the Oak Vogue Cross-37B. This wood cross pendant is a meaningful and thoughtful gift for any occasion, symbolizing the enduring power of belief.

Carry Your Faith:

This pendant comes with a 28" nylon cord, allowing you to wear it close to your heart, carrying the essence of your faith with you wherever you go.

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