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Pinedale Incident-By Larry Nemitz

Pinedale Incident-By Larry Nemitz

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The book is about one mans efforts to change a small town for Christ in a very unconventional way. His overzealous ways and lack of Bible knoledge turn the town against him and he hits the lowest point in his life and then things get much worse. In the end with God help he is successful in turning the town around. You will find a very miraculous and unusual ending to this book.

Comments from readers:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Pinedale Incident. It was hard to put down and an easy read. Many times my eyes were filled with tears, both of sadness and of joy. It was interesting to read of how the Lord was working in Pinedale and how He can use people we never thought would be instruments of God. I LOVE reading of souls being won for Christ! Thanks Larry. Jim Nelson, Britt Iowa

Kudos, Wow, Applause, Your book was so well don! Kept my interest from start to finish!! Pete, Austin MN.

Your book, quite an accomplishment-congratulation! Very inspiring. Mary, Elk River MN.

The Pinedale Incident was a book that really touched my heart in a special way as I could identify with John one of the main characters. I think the author did an excellent job writing this book in a way that a lot of us will be able to see how there is God who is still active and alive performing miracles even when we cannot feel Him around us. The book also showed me how nothing is impossible for God no matter what circumstance you may be in. I think itís important to note the warning in this book that we cannot think that the good works we do are good enough and how we must be in Gods word to know the truth. Thanks again for sharing your blood, sweat and tears, and I am so thankful you were able to share it with us all. Annie Horak, Britt, IA

Just finish your book and really enjoyed it. It definitely gave me much to think about. Angela, St. Paul MN.

I loved your book The Pinedale Incident, Just couldn't put it down. Read it through in one sitting. I've now bought 13 copies to send to unbelieving friends and relatives. Vicky Gutman, Clear Lake Iowa.

I just Finish your book, The Pinedale Incident. I am so pleased to learn that you are an authentic follower of Jesus Christ. I'm sending your book to a friend with whom I'm concern about his eternal destiny. Bob, Austin MN.

We are thinking of soon reading your book at our Bible study. Thank you again for writing the book, It has been very inspiring for me. Sarah, Austin MN.

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