Pushing the Limits by Mike Calhoun, & Mel Walker But at discount, wholesale, Cheap.
Pushing the Limits-Mike Calhoun, Mel Walker

Pushing the Limits-Mike Calhoun, Mel Walker

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Pushing the Limits. By Mike Calhoun, Mel Walker Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Unleashing the Potential of Student Ministry

What would you give to sit down with some of the most influential youth workers in the country? Not just the big names but those individuals who have proven time after time that they have a passion for reaching teens today that is pushing the limits of traditional youth ministry?

In Pushing the Limits, veteran youth workers Mike Calhoun and Mel Walker have collected some of the best writing from youth pastors and leaders in churches big and small around the country who are doing what it takes to tap into the true potential of youth ministry. They give you the opportunity to find out what these youth leaders are doing that is making an impact and put it to work in your own ministry.

Find out:

Why one youth pastor says that the six-year window between the start of junior high and the end of high school is the most critical time to reach a young person for Christ How you can harness the power of cliques, peer pressure, and friendships to impact dramatically not just your youth but your entire community for Christ Why a dramatic number of even devout Christian teens are straying from church after college-and how to stop the drift before it starts How to prepare teens for real-life conversations about what they believe

ISBN-13: 9780849903496, 0849903491

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