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Take Action Bible -NKJV- LeatherSoft

Take Action Bible -NKJV- LeatherSoft

48 Full-color pages
15 Real-life stories
52 Take Action Ideas
Words of Jesus in red
Translation & text notes
Bible reading plan
UlrtaSlim Bible text
Size: 6&3/4 X 9"
Copper/Earth -Brown Mink
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Product Description

Take Action Bible - NKJV - LeatherSoft

Unleash the Power of Faith in Action

Embrace a Bible that not only inspires but ignites change. The Take ActionTM Bible features real-life stories and full-color photos of people who are putting their faith into action. Actions range from raising money with a lemonade stand to relocating on the mission field. Read their inspiring stories, and follow their examples with 52 ideas for you to put God's Word into action.

Features to Propel Your Faith

  • 48 Full-Color Pages:

    Immerse yourself in stunning visual stories of faith in action, fueling your desire to make a difference.
  • 15 Real-Life Stories:

    Uncover the extraordinary journeys of everyday people who dared to follow their convictions and impact lives.
  • 52 Take Action Ideas:

    Empowering you to put God's Word into action with practical and transformative suggestions.
  • Words of Jesus in Red:

    Illuminate your path with the teachings of our Savior, spurring you to greater love and compassion.
  • Translation & Text Notes:

    Deepen your understanding of Scripture with contextual insights and explanations.
  • Concordance:

    Uncover hidden treasures of wisdom as you explore relevant verses and topics.
  • Bible Reading Plan:

    Develop a habit of daily immersion in God's Word, empowering your faith journey.
  • UltraSlim Bible Text:

    A perfect blend of portability and readability, designed to accompany you anywhere.
  • Size: 6 & 3/4 X 9":

    Experience comfort and ease as you delve into life-transforming stories.
  • Copper/Earth-Brown Mink LeatherSoft:

    A luxurious and durable cover, symbolizing the richness of your faith journey.

Ignite Your Passion for Change

This isn't just a Bible; it's an invitation to revolutionize your faith. Dive into the lives of ordinary individuals who embraced their calling and transformed the world. Let the Take Action Bible stir your heart and awaken your desire to serve, love, and bring hope to those around you.

Unleash the power of faith in action. Take the first step toward change today.

Get your Take Action Bible - NKJV - LeatherSoft

Embark on a journey of purpose, compassion, and transformation. Order your copy of the Take Action Bible - NKJV - LeatherSoft now at a discounted price. Join the ranks of those who are making a difference and be inspired to change the world for the better, one act of love at a time.

Together, we can ignite a movement of faith in action.

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