Rene Gutteridge great christian fiction at discount, wholesale, cheap prices.
Ultimate Gift-Rene Gutteridge

Ultimate Gift-Rene Gutteridge

Format: Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5 7/16 x 8 3/8
Page Count: 272
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Product Description

The Ultimate Gift Trade Paper By Rene Gutteridge

Jason Stephens lives a life of wealth. A life of privilege. A life that's about to take a radical turn. Jason always had a straightforward relationship with his billionaire grandfather, Howard "Red" Stevens. He shunned him but welcomed his money. So he figured when Red died, his part of the inheritance would be a simple cash transaction that would fund his extravagant lifestyle.

Instead, for Jason to receive his inheritance, he's given an ultimatum...a series of twleve tests or "gifts" as Red calls them. If he fails at any one of them, he loses everything. If he completes them all, the ultimate gift will be his.

One of those "gifts" involves finding a friend...something Jason has never experienced before. Yet this unlikely friendship and an unexpected romance may just open his eyes to what he's been missing all along.

"You don't begin to live until you've lost everything."

ISBN: 1595543406, ISBN-13: 9781595543400, Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Ultimate Gift by Rene Gutteridge great christian fiction at discount, wholesale, sale and really cheap prices.

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