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Varnished Maple Cross

Varnished Maple Cross

Varnished Maple Cross
Comes With 29" Cord Necklace
Close-Out Items
Sizes: Large - 2" X 1& 3/8" Small- 1" X 9/16".
Qty.Price Ea.Sale Price Ea.
10 +$8.99$3.30

Product Description

Varnished Maple Cross Pendants

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Varnished Maple Cross Pendants
  • Wood Material: Maple
  • Sizes:
    • Large: 2" X 1&3/8"
    • Small: 1" X 9/16"
  • Necklace: 29" Cord Necklace (Included)

Product Description:

The Varnished Maple Cross Pendants are a stunning collection of wooden cross necklaces that radiate elegance and simplicity. Made from premium maple wood and expertly varnished, these pendants exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

Perfect for All:

These varnished maple cross pendants are versatile accessories that suit everyone. Whether you're seeking a stylish addition to your outfit or a meaningful spiritual symbol, these pendants are ideal for any occasion.

Gifts of Faith:

These varnished maple cross pendants are more than just accessories; they are tokens of faith and devotion. Their significance and beauty make them wonderful gifts for loved ones, symbolizing the strength of faith and the power of spirituality.

Close-Out Items:

As close-out items, these varnished maple cross pendants are offered at discounted prices. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire these high-quality pieces at a fraction of the original cost.

Shop with Confidence:

The Christian Discount Shop ensures a seamless shopping experience, providing a wide array of discounted spiritual products. Explore our selection of wood cross necklaces and find the perfect piece for yourself or your loved ones.

Varnished Maple Craftsmanship:

These pendants are meticulously crafted with a focus on detail and quality. The varnished maple wood enhances the natural beauty of the cross, creating a captivating and durable accessory.

Experience the Beauty:

Experience the beauty and significance of faith with the Varnished Maple Cross Pendants. Each pendant represents the timeless symbol of the cross, making it a powerful reminder of devotion and spirituality.

Choose Your Size:

With two sizes available, you can select the perfect varnished maple cross pendant that resonates with your personal style and preference. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller pendant, both carry the same profound meaning.

Embrace Faith:

Embrace the essence of faith with the Varnished Maple Cross Pendants. Wear it close to your heart and feel the comforting presence of spirituality in your daily life.

Perfect Addition:

These pendants complement any attire, adding a touch of grace and spirituality to your look. Wear them to religious events, everyday activities, or special occasions.

Order Your Pendant Now:

Order your Varnished Maple Cross Pendants today and enjoy the simplicity and beauty of these wooden cross necklaces. Own a meaningful symbol of faith and spirituality that enriches your life and connects you with your beliefs.

Experience the Connection:

Experience a deeper connection with your faith and spirituality with the Varnished Maple Cross Pendants. Each pendant carries a profound message of devotion and serves as a constant reminder of your belief in Christ's teachings.

Unlock the Discount:

Unlock the discount on these beautiful Varnished Maple Cross Pendants today. Make your purchase and own an exquisite piece of spiritual jewelry at a discounted price.

Find More:

Explore more spiritual jewelry and discounted items at the Christian Discount Shop. Discover a wide range of products that hold special meaning and significance.

Shop Now:

Shop now and experience the beauty and spirituality of the Varnished Maple Cross Pendants. Embrace the symbolism of the cross and celebrate your faith with this timeless accessory.

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