What a Girl Wants-Kristin  Billerbeck

What a Girl Wants-Kristin Billerbeck

Item# 9780849944581
A Novel
Trade Paper
By Kristin Billerbeck
Trim Size: 5 7/16 x 8 1/2
Page Count: 304
$5.19, 2/$9.00

Product Description

What a Girl Wants A Novel Trade Paper By Kristin Billerbeck

Ever felt like the last item left on the clearance rack?

As a successful patent attorney, Ashley Stockingdale has all the makings of a perfect catch-the looks, the brains, even a convertible. But at 31, she's beginning to wonder if she's been passed over for good.

Deciding to adopt a new attitude, Ashley suddenly becomes the romantic interest of three men within a matter of days. While her heart enjoys turning the tables on the dating game, the rest of her previously predictable world is being turned upside down. Is it more than Ashley can handle? Or is it exactly what she wants?

Award-wining author Kristin Billerbeck combines comedy with spunk to create a memorable story in What a Girl Wants--an all-too-realistic picture of a single girl's search for being content with who she is...with or without a man.

ISBN: 0849944589, ISBN-13: 9780849944581, Publisher: Thomas Nelson

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