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Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A

Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A

Include 29" Nylon Cord
Size 1&1/8" X 3/4"
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50 +$8.95$3.78

Product Description

Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Wooden Cross, Fish
  • Style: 36A
  • Necklace: 29" Nylon Cord (Included)
  • Size: 1&1/8" X 3/4"

Product Description:

The Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A is a beautiful representation of early Christian symbolism. The fish, derived from the Greek word "ikhthus," holds great significance as a symbol of Christ Jesus. The Greek monogram of Christ Jesus, IÍsous Christos Theou Uios SŰtÍr (Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior), is associated with the fish symbol.

Engraved Cherry Wood:

This wooden cross pendant is meticulously crafted from cherry wood and adorned with a varnished finish. The intricate design is achieved through precise engraving and laser cutting techniques, resulting in a piece of exceptional craftsmanship.

Sacred Symbol:

The fish symbol has a rich historical and religious significance. In the early days of Christianity, when Christians faced persecution, the fish symbol was used as a secret way to identify fellow believers. It has since become a powerful emblem of faith and devotion to Christ.

Inspired Accessory:

The Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A makes for a meaningful and inspired accessory. Wear it as a reminder of your faith and the teachings of Christ Jesus. Its delicate size and distinctive design make it a versatile piece that can complement any outfit.

Obtain Your Symbol of Faith:

Whether for yourself or as a gift to a loved one, the Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A is a beautiful representation of the enduring significance of the fish symbol. Shop now and take advantage of the discounts available at the Christian Discount Shop.

Celebrate Your Faith:

The Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A is just one of the many spiritual products offered at the Christian Discount Shop. Explore our collection to find more symbols of faith, jewelry, books, and clothing that celebrate Christianity and spirituality.

Order Now:

Embrace the profound meaning behind the fish symbol with our Wooden Cross, Fish - 36A. Order now and experience the spiritual connection it brings to your life.

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