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Reference Selection

Discover these rare and valuable references, but hurry, as they are in short supply! Each selection is a treasure of knowledge and insight. Choose from the following:

Battle for Jerusalem by John Hagee

Uncover the historical and spiritual significance of Jerusalem with John Hagee's captivating book. Dive into the heart of the Battle for Jerusalem and gain a deeper understanding of its importance in world events. ISBN: 0785263799.

Just Give Me Jesus By Anne Graham Lotz

Experience a life-changing encounter with Jesus through Anne Graham Lotz's inspiring book. Discover the transformative power of focusing on Jesus alone. ISBN: 0849916461.

Word Biblical Commentary #18A Job 21-37

Delve into the Book of Job with this in-depth biblical commentary. Gain new insights and interpretations of Job 21-37, enhancing your understanding of this profound text.

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These exceptional references are a must-have for any avid reader and seeker of knowledge. Due to limited stock, only 1 or 2 copies of each are available. Select your desired reference from the drop-down box below and secure your copy now!

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