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Various Books by Barbara Johnson

Various Books by Barbara Johnson

For Women Only
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Barbara Johnson: Inspirational Books for Women

Discover wisdom and laughter in these "For Women Only" books by Barbara Johnson. These inspirational reads are designed to uplift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Check out the following heartwarming titles:

1. God's Most Precious Jewels Are Crystallized Tears

Experience true stories of women who turned their misery into ministry. Barbara Johnson shares the powerful testimonies of those who found hope and purpose in the midst of their trials.

2. Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy!

In this book, Barbara Johnson reminds us that pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. Embrace a positive perspective on life and find joy even in challenging circumstances.

3. Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death

Barbara Johnson hilariously reveals her anti-aging remedy as she navigates the humorous aspects of aging. Laugh along and discover the beauty of every stage of life.

Book Details:

  • Size of Books: 5&1/2" X 8&1/2"

Additional Offerings:

4. Audio Cassette: Inspiring Life Lifters Messages

Enjoy uplifting messages on one cassette that will lift your spirits and encourage you on your journey of faith.

5. Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends

Barbara Johnson's new book is packed with "laff leaks" about every stage of a woman's life - from diapers to dentures. Embrace the joy and humor in each season of life.

Discover the joy, wisdom, and laughter that Barbara Johnson's books offer. These heartfelt and humorous reads are sure to enrich your life and bring a smile to your face.

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