Can a Smart Person Believe in God? by Michael Guillen Ph.D.
Can a Smart Person Believe in God?-Michael Guillen Ph.D.

Can a Smart Person Believe in God?-Michael Guillen Ph.D.

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Can a Smart Person Believe in God? - Michael Guillen Ph.D.


This thought-provoking book is available in a compelling Hardcover edition.


In "Can a Smart Person Believe in God?" Michael Guillen Ph.D. takes readers on an engaging journey, exploring the intersection of science and faith. As Christians, we may often be urged to rely solely on the Bible for our beliefs, while some in scientific and educational fields claim that faith is unintelligent. Dr. Guillen, a renowned television journalist, offers a fresh perspective, demonstrating how science and faith can be harmoniously reconciled. By embracing scientific discoveries, we can witness the wonders of God, the universe, and humanity in all their multidimensional glory.

Dr. Guillen's accessible writing style makes this book enjoyable for readers of all backgrounds, regardless of scientific expertise. Each bite-sized chapter is filled with fascinating scientific tidbits presented in an easy-to-understand format. The author's captivating stories, including his childhood experiences in the Mexican barrio of East L.A. and his work in television and research, add a personal touch to the exploration.

Moreover, this book features an entertaining SQ (Spiritual Quotient) test, inviting readers to reflect on their own spiritual journey.

Key Features:

  • Discover a harmonious perspective on science and faith, exploring the wonders of the universe through a spiritual lens.
  • Enjoy bite-sized chapters filled with fascinating scientific insights presented in an accessible style.
  • Immerse yourself in captivating stories that offer a personal touch to the exploration of faith and science.
  • Reflect on your spiritual journey with the entertaining SQ (Spiritual Quotient) test.

Expand your understanding of the compatibility between science and faith with "Can a Smart Person Believe in God?" by Michael Guillen Ph.D. Get your copy of this enlightening book from Thomas Nelson Publishers now.

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