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During Times Of Trouble Turn To Faith

Life is hard. People face trials and tribulations every day that threaten to break them. The child fighting for her life because of cancer or the husband watching his wife slip into alcoholism or some other vice and feeling helpless to stop it. Life’s difficulties come in every shape and size.

People are strong, but they can only take so much. We put on a strong face to family and friends, but we’re fighting a battle that we don’t think we can win. When things are at the darkest, it’s time to turn to faith and ask for help.

Faith and prayer give you something that turns your life around. Hope. While the problems you face seem insurmountable, you know God can handle anything. If he can create the universe, then helping someone face medical or financial issues should be simple.

The power of prayer is real and miracles have happened. It gives you strength. It gives you purpose. Without faith, you’re leaving everything up to yourself and sometimes that isn’t enough. Faith keeps you going when you don’t think you can take another step.

Sometimes it works out and the problem is solved, but other times it doesn’t. That’s when it hurts. When you lose someone you love or you find yourself homeless or crashing on a friend’s couch because you were kicked out of your home. What do you do then?

Faith isn’t a cure-all. God didn’t abandon you. He just had a different plan. Faith lets you understand that and most importantly keep going. Your loved one is no longer in pain and embraced in God’s arms in heaven. Their trials and tribulations are over. It still hurts, but knowing they’ve gone to a better place lessens the pain.

The hardest part for people to accept and understand is that faith isn’t about fixing your life or getting what you want. Faith is about knowing that no matter what happens, it gets better. It’s knowing that no matter how alone you feel, there is someone that has your back and loves you.

Faith isn’t always easy to have, especially when everything is going wrong, but that’s when it’s most important to believe. The more difficult your life gets, the stronger your faith should be.

Life is hard, but if you have faith in God, through his son Jesus Christ, then there’s nothing you can’t get through. It may not be the outcome you wanted, but you’ll be able to keep moving forward and move on to the next challenge.

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