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Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight

Written by: Chris Auer
Format: Softcover
Size: 5 x 7-1/8
Pages: 128
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Product Description

Hidden in Plain Sight

Synopsis: Book one in a four-book series for boys filled with adventure, mystery, and intrigue as three friends, Dan Peter, and Shelby, seek to discover the hidden mystery of Eckert House.

Description: Eerie stories surround the old Victorian mansion-turned-museum known as Eckert House. But what was once thought to be fiction may prove to be fact after twelve-year-old Dan Pruitt makes a gruesome discovery. Dan and his friends set out to uncover the truth, but will their search lead them down a path of danger instead?

ISBN-13: 9780310708704 ISBN-10: 0310708702

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